Welcome Back

Hello all, and welcome back to our blog. Our apologies as we’ve been absent for some time due to some transitions being made here at Black Barn. We are now excited to again get back in the groove of updating all of you on the wonderful events taking place at Black Barn, and the other activities that will help us move toward our goals. 

As before we will be including some of our favorite photos from each of the weddings that take place here to help you get some splendid ideas on what you might want to implement into your own future wedding at Black Barn. We have plenty of weddings planned for this summer and into Christmas time that are headed your way. Other small projects are taking place around the venue to add more color and finished touches for our guests, so check in for those updates as well.

Of course we are always hard at work with the goal of a winery in mind, constantly collaborating new ideas of what it might entail; since we know people are always intrigued to ask questions of how things are coming along. To start we recently cleared an abundance of trees behind our small vineyard that will likely one day provide the planting grounds for an expansion of grape vines. Many more ideas continue to fill our notepads, and others prove to be serious future plans to achieve our dream of opening a family owned winery.

Exciting things are happening here on the property both within the coming weeks all the way to the coming years and we hope you’ll be around to see it happen, and share a bit of the amazement with us.

Eli Westers