Buds & Blooms

While this blog is a great way to showcase what each unique couple does with our space, we also like to use it to show you guys what's going on around here, and this week we are particularly excited to show you some of the beautiful spring buds and blooms that we've seen around the property! The vineyard is starting to look beautiful, as the oak tree is starting to fill out, and the vineyard is starting to bud out as well! Jordan recently planted a few lavender plants up the middle of the vineyard as well, which will be pretty as spring carries on. Take a look: 

The willow tree is starting to turn green again, and our courtyard is starting to look more alive with our plants starting to bloom. We added a few more plant features on the deck like some hanging flower baskets. We also added a new feature - a succulent wall, which is located on the south side of the building (facing the courtyard). Last, but not least, we got the fountain back into the pond! Check out more photos below: 

Watch next week for more wedding photos!