Our Newest Feature

It's been a few weeks since our last blog, which usually means we have been super busy getting lots of things done, but this time, we've all been struggling to stay healthy through this wicked flu season! Guys - please keep yourselves healthy, this stuff is nasty! 

Now that we've all recovered, we're back to work because we have a lot to finish before weddings begin in April! Aside from the kitchen - you'll get an update on that next week - Jordan has started on a special project that some of you may know about - building beautiful farmhouse tables for the venue. 

For our upcoming couples - yes, these are available for you to use! We love that they are natural, allowing for use without linens, if you like that natural look, or they can still be covered with linens and have a little bit of character peeking out at the bottom of the linen with those spindled wooden legs. Most of the these tables will be standard banquet table size (8 foot long by 30 inches wide) and can seat 10 people, just like the tables we formerly rented for our couples. The table shown is a mini version, about half the size in length.  but we think these are much prettier. :) 

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