Winter Styled Shoot + Kitchen Updates

In this post, we have some really, beautiful images to show you from a styled shoot we hosted, and we also have some photos of our soon-to-be kitchen area that just aren't as pretty. For your sake, we’ll save the best for last. 

Since our last post, we have scrubbed the floor of our kitchen area clean, fixed a few spots on the floor and covered it with a dark colored epoxy. Although this kitchen isn’t as pretty as we want it to be just yet, adding this flooring is making us feel that much closer to getting this thing finished! Here’s what it looks like now!

Now, on to the more beautiful part of this post!

Just before Christmas, we had the opportunity to host a winter styled shoot in conjunction with Kenneth Brandt Salon and Couture Creative Media. The ladies over at Kenneth Brandt styled these frosty brides and Couture Creative did an amazing job capturing their winter looks in our space! Check out some of our favorite photos from this shoot:

As of right now, we are still taking name suggestions through the next few weeks! Thank you all for helping us with this and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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