An Announcement, Plus an Update

Hey there! It’s been a while - huge apologies for the lack of communication coming from our end. We have soo much to update you on, so settle in for Black Barn’s longest blog post ever.

We’ll start with the fun stuff – Puppies!

Last time we chatted, you saw the newest addition to the Westers family, Burton. That was already five weeks ago! Burton has grown, become best buds with Haas and his brother Oakley and has discovered exactly how happy it makes his mom and dad when he poops OUTSIDE… Here’s a current photo:


Important Announcement

If you’re thinking, “they’re just trying to butter me up with pictures of puppies!” you are both perceptive and correct. We have an announcement to make that we aren’t exactly thrilled about, but we feel it’s important to share!

About a month ago, we received notice that a winery in Kentucky also operates under the Black Barn name and they have trademarked that portion of the name. This prevents us from further continuing to use it and so we will be changing our name in the coming months.

While our new name is yet to be determined, we wanted to make all our followers and clients are aware of this soon-to-be change, and assure you all that while our name will be changing, our business, at its core, will not. In the meantime, please stay tuned-in to our Facebook and this blog for more updates as we choose a name and make this transition.

**To make light of this unfortunate situation (and to help us think of a name), we are holding a contest!

We are asking you to help us choose our new name. Submit your name ideas in the form below! If we end up choosing a name that someone suggests, we would like to host a private wine tasting party for that person and twenty of their friends, after the winery opens! Let the games begin!

Name *

On to the Updates

Now even though this news is sad to us, the past month hasn’t just been exclusively filled with us crying about our name debacle and snuggling with Burton (but those things did happen a little). If you’ve been following our social media page, you know that we hosted a styled shoot just before Christmas with the lovely Kenneth Brandt Salon and Couture Creative Media, and we will be releasing photos of that in our next post! 

In other news, about a month ago, we showed you photos of our soon-to-be catering kitchen, and man, what a mess that was! In the past month, the dirt that filled what is now the stairway was dug out to make room for cement pads on the landings of the interior stairway that connects the venue to the kitchen and to the soon-to-be winery (below the venue). 

The frames of the soon-to-be walls in the kitchen were built to where we wanted them to go and water and electrical was run into the kitchen as well. The refrigerator is now in place, and Lloyd and Jordan continue to work to complete this for the 2018 weddings season (starting in April!!).


We appreciate all of you following our progress and giving us good vibes and support as we carry on with this project and we hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.