The Kitchen's Comin'

In the past few weeks, we've slowly but surely been plugging away at our catering kitchen. The drywall is up on the ceiling and Jordan and Lloyd have been working on installing the garage door opener. Lloyd and Jordan also installed a portion of the ceiling and the walls! Take a look at some of the progress below!

To update you all on our name situation - a name still hasn't been decided on, so if anyone has any ideas they would like to submit, now is your chance - it's not too late!

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In other news, if you're a yoga lover and want to see our kitchen in person, Black Barn will be hosting a yoga class, taught by Rachael Lantrip every Thursday at 7 p.m. for the next few months, starting this Thursday! It's open to all skill levels and all you need to bring is yourself and a mat. The cost of the class is $10 (cash only). We'd love to see you there!