Trevor & Kayla Moberly

When Trevor and Kayla first came to visit Black Barn, we knew these two were a speical pair. What we didn't know is how passionate they were for decorating! We love seeing what people do with the spaces we provide for them, and Trevor and Kayla did not dissapoint! Here are some shots from their day as well as things we loved about how they used our spaces. 


They held their ceremony under our iconic oak tree up in at the top of the vineyard, where they used some white double doors to decorate the entrance to their ceremony. There reception stuck with their colors - maroon, gold, navy blue and greens. One of our favorite parts of their reception was their dessert table - the used a giant old wooden spool to display the different kinds of donuts (from our favorite, Hinkley's) as their dessert! 


And to end the evening, each of their guests took home some potted herbs. During the reception, they were displayed on a tall, white wooden ladder of sorts. Check out these ideas from this creative couple!