Courtyard, Concrete and Carrying On

We mentioned that there has been some additional demo happening here, and because we didn’t want everyone to freak out (we do have weddings coming up [quite quickly] this fall, after all) we waited till we had some major progress to show. 

Last week we showed you some of the progress that wasn't quite as pretty as we liked, including the dirt slab that existed as our future courtyard, but now it’s really starting to take shape, and we have to say, we love how it’s looking so far. 

Sod was delivered and placed, which really gave it a finished look on its own. Haas loves the soft new grass! Wendy also planted some plants in the raised beds along the side of the courtyard and mulched as well. 

Our friend, Jeff Brown, came and built a few stairs from the deck down to the courtyard area – thanks Jeff! 

Lloyd has been working on adding stairs to the south end of the deck as well, which is still in-progress! 

For those of you who don’t know, the area down below the event hall is where our future wine production area will be. Previously, the entrance consisted of a muddy path with steep hills of more grass/mud on either side of the entrance. 

Now, the concrete has been poured, and the Westers men and another good family friend, JR, have been hard at work getting retaining walls built on either side of the entrance. 

We also had an excavator come out and smooth out the back yard behind the patio, leaving a more level, smooth dirt field where we will be planting fresh new grass in the next few days. 

Next week should bring some new progress as well, so be sure to watch for our next post!  






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