August Weddings, Autumn Air, Awesome Progress

Last time you heard from us, we had just finished the courtyard area, we leveled off the slope behind the courtyard and planted grass in that area. We are proud to say that we successfully grew grass in time for our first fall wedding of the year. We also had a walkway put in that leads from the courtyard down to where the pond area begins. 

We also were just finishing up the retaining walls that lead down to the future wine production area. These walls are now finished, aside from finding fencing to keep people from falling off of the wall – that is coming as soon as possible! 

We got a few little bistro sets that we intended to use in the courtyard area, but we like them just about anywhere! 


We pulled out our old barn beam arbor that Jordan and Lloyd built for a wedding show we attended last winter and reconstructed it in our courtyard for a little decoration. 

The stairs that lead to what will be the tasting room were finished on the south end of the building and we also worked on that entry way, seeding more grass and adding more mulch.


All this, we accomplished before last weekend when we had the pleasure of hosting Bryant and Karissa Siegrist’s wedding, which was a great party! They decided to host their ceremony in the courtyard area, which turned out great! 

Be on the lookout for more pictures coming from their wedding! Lots more weddings coming up this fall, and we couldn’t be more excited!