Maybe just sit down before you read this one…

Just when you thought it was over, we’re doing it again! All of the construction and outdoor work that you have been following for the past few months is continuing for us! We got the first few weddings of the year under our belt and with about a few weeks break until our next round of weddings in August, we thought we would start, and finish, up some of the landscaping projects that we had in mind!

A few weeks ago we had an excavator come out to start tearing up the back lawn area behind our future tasting room (by the way, have we mentioned we ARE NOT open as a winery? We've had a few folks who were confused on that, so we wanted to reiterate!)!

The excavator ripped up the lawn and leveled out the soil into three tiers. The top tier runs along the side of the building, dropping down to the second tier which will eventually be our courtyard/patio area. Lloyd installed three beautiful stone steps down to the rest of the yard that gently slopes down to the pond. He also built all of the rock retaining walls which separate each tier as well.

Last Friday, our excavator friends came and installed the crushed gravel and stone for our patio! Here's what it looks like now: 

But we didn’t stop there! We really wanted to clean up the entrance to what will be our wine production area. We had a concrete pad poured at the entrance which is much better than the muddy mess that previously resided there. Either side of the concrete pad was also dug out to prepare for more retaining walls. We can’t wait to get cleaned up under there!


In the vineyard, Jordan has been hard at work pruning vines and spraying for bugs and disease. The grapes are looking good. Jordan and Lloyd also started putting up a new fence to replace the old (ugly) electric fence.

Hopefully next week we can show you more progress on our patio area, so be sure to come back. Also, be on the watch for the photos from our styled shoot with Christina Elizabeth Photography