Chad & Maureen Rogers + a few other things

Yes, yet again we’ve been neglecting the blog – apologies all over the place - but we promise, it’s for good reasons! If you’ve heard rumors that there has been a little more construction over here or that we recently planned and hosted a super not-so-top-secret photo shoot, then we’re here to set the record straight: yes, those things have happened, and yes we will reveal all…

In next week's blog post. :) stay tuned. 


The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Last time you heard from us we showed you photos from our first wedding of the year and promised photos from our second wedding of Chad and Maureen Rogers. We’re so excited to show you those photos today!

Chad & Maureen’s wedding reception packed Black Barn to the brim with loving family and friends, and we couldn’t have been happier to host their special day. This couple utilized our dressing rooms before the ceremony to get ready, had their wedding at their church in Jackson and held their reception here at Black Barn.The weather turned out nice enough for them to open the garage doors so that their guests could enjoy the grounds and the deck, where they decided to place the bar. Here are some shots from Sarah Elizabeth Dunn Photography from Mr. & Mrs. Rogers’ special day: 


Their wedding truly was a beautiful day and we wish Chad and Maureen all the best! Check back next week for more Black Barn updates as well as some gorgeous photos from our first ever styled shoot that we hosted last week! You wont want to miss it!