Spring Feels

This week, although it was a bit on the chilly side, we were feeling spring here at Black Barn. While there were some developments on the actual building, the majority of what we worked on this week was about making things pretty, one of my favorite aspects of this GIGANTIC project! 

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this deck as Lloyd started adding the cable wiring around the railing of the deck. Cables were chosen so that the it doesn’t obstruct the view of the pond too much, and we’re really liking the way it’s looking so far! 


The south facing wall of what will be the tasting room is finally getting some siding (yay!). More details to come on this! 

Grass was planted on the left side of the front of the building and we also planted a beautiful baby ‘Princeton Gold’ Norway Maple which should stay a lovely golden color all year.


Wendy got some spring flowers started in a few planters that we’ll use throughout and around the building to give Black Barn a summery feel. 

The bridal dressing room is so close to being fully furnished! We added a small side table with a wooden top and a white bottom that we absolutely love on the one end as well as a small couch against the other wall. We also added hooks to the beam on the long wall for dresses or whatever else can be hung up without fear of wrinkles. 

The countertop in the dressing room was installed, along with the mirrors to accompany them. 

Our full-length mirror was mounted on the wall and we added a few curtains on either side to make the room a little cozier. 


Aside from the building, we’re so excited to see the buds in the vineyard start to appear. With spring in the air, we’re ready for some warm weather, which is sure to bring more exciting developments! Our animals feel it too!