Thankfulness, Redundancy, & "Here's What We've Been Up To"

Every week (or so) I sit down to prepare a blog post to show the world that we are, in fact, working on completing this project. And every week (or so) I find myself saying the same few things:

“We were really busy around here at Black Barn,” or

“We are so excited about the progress!” or

“Here’s what we’ve been up to.”

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve heard me say it before. While it may sound redundant, and while we realize that watching our progress might feel akin to watching grass grow, we want to take a minute and thank all of you who follow our progress. It means a lot, and while we’re over here busily chanting, “progress is happening, progress is happening,” the support of all of you, our family, friends, clients and more has really been the encouraging, driving force behind all of this tiring work. While it is tiring, we’re also still very excited about what’s to come and we feel very honored to be able to share it with such a great following of supporters. So, before I go on with this week’s blog, I want to be clear that the words that I’m about to say are serious words and they are 100% true and meaningful:

During these past few weeks, we’ve been EXTREMELY busy around here at Black Barn, and we are SO excited about the progress!

Here’s what we’ve been working on: 

Wendy worked a bit on the landscaping of the entrance of Black Barn, adding a few ground plants, mulch, and a few half-barrels with flowers in them to dress up our curb appeal. 

The driveway is starting to look more like a driveway/parking lot with each passing day. The retaining wall around the middle square of our parking lot was completed and is ready to be landscaped. 

A new type of gravel was delivered for the parking lot. This stuff is awesome! It packs down quite hard, creating a really solid space for our guests to park on when they arrive! No more muddy driveway and no more mud puddles! The gravel was spread throughout most of the front drive and down along the side of the building for our overflow parking area and around to the downstairs entrance to the building. 

If you’re familiar with the property, you’ve seen the willow that stands on the south side of the pond. It looks like this: 

This willow tree is another area where some of our brides have chosen to hold their ceremony for their wedding, and we’ve been working on making this area prettier by adding some plants and mulch to what used to be a patch of weeds by the willow tree. More to come on the progress of this area! 

The back of the building really got a full-on makeover this weekend. This is what the back of the tasting room and the side of the event space used to look like with just the siding: 

This weekend, Wendy and Megan spent an entire day staining the back of the tasting room and the side of the event space. 

Lloyd and Wendy’s dad worked on finishing the cable wiring that wraps around the railing of the deck as well. We think the cable wiring looks quite nice (if we do say so ourselves) against the black stain of the building. 

The far back section of the building also really saw some changes. Wood beams were constructed in between and on either side of the glass garage doors. A mercury light, an old bat house, and the white soffit was taken down from the peak part of the building and Wendy and Lloyd started staining these areas black as well! 

More black siding was added to the addition of the building that houses the bathrooms and the dressing rooms. 

While the women’s dressing room is close to being fully furnished, this past few weeks we paid some much needed attention to the men’s dressing room, purchasing a credenza, a rug and bar stools to furnish the room. 

As wedding season approaches (our first wedding only two weeks away!), next week is sure to bring some drastic improvements as well. Stay tuned!