Back to the Grind

While last week we were able to show you some pretty, pretty things that we’ve grown, bought, and added to the building to make this place look, well, pretty. Unfortunately, this week isn’t quite so glamorous. It’s back to the grind for us as we approach the last few weeks before wedding season hits! 

This week we paid some attention to small details that needed to be done in order to get the rest of the building finished off. Mulching the side of the north-facing hill was a big feat, allowing the landscaping on that side of the building to start to take shape. 

If you’ve visited Black Barn, you’ve heard us apologize (again and again) for the driveway, as the spring moisture made the unfinished driveway somewhat of a mucky disaster. This weekend, Jordan started creating the perimeter around the middle square of our parking lot that will be landscaped so that we can finish the driveway. 

The south-facing wall of what will be our tasting room was sided and stained, making the entire south side of the building feel that much closer to being finished. With a few more landscaping details – more to come – this side of the building will be nearly complete! 

The railing along the deck was finished on the large part of the building, and the guys started running the cables around the south side and along the stairs as well. 

With the weather warming up, we’re excited to get more details in place!