Cleaning, Burning & Decking

Although we aren’t up and running as a winery quite yet, there’s a lot of work to be done now in preparation for us to make wine for you (and us) in the future. Part of that work involves building a new vineyard, like you saw a few weeks ago. Another part of that, though, is maintaining the already existing, one-acre vineyard that we currently have here on the property. A few months ago, Jordan did what is called winter pruning, which involves cutting back the vines so that in the spring, new growth can come through, and grapes for this year can grow properly. 

Whenever the weather cooperates, we’ve been cleaning up the cuttings, and this weekend we really kicked it into full gear and finished the job by burning the remaining cuttings, meaning that the vineyard is now vine-free and ready to grow some grapes. 

The progress on the deck continued as well. After last week when we finished the south and east-facing sides of the deck which surrounds the event space, this weekend, the guys focused on the deck that is connected to what will be the tasting room. 

Check back next week for more updates as we continue working! 

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