Two Steps Forward...

Have you ever heard the saying, two steps forward, one step back? On occasion, that saying feels very true as we plug away at renovations, landscaping and decorating here at Black Barn. But sometimes, when things look bad, it’s important to remember that demolition and destruction often leads to a more beautiful, prosperous result. So, as with other parts of life, some things just need to get worse before they get better. That, my friends, is how a vineyard is created.

If you’ve taken a look at some of our pictures on this website, you might have caught glimpses of the vineyard we currently have here at Black Barn. If not, it looks like this:


Grapes grow best on a hill that is positioned for maximum sunlight. Jordan, our vineyard manager and soon-to-be wine maker, recently found a hill on the property that seemed perfect to grow grapes on – the only catch; it was covered in giant, half-dead pine trees, and it's located on the left side of Lloyd & Wendy’s front yard. 

With reluctance, Lloyd and Wendy gave Jordan the go-ahead to start tearing down the trees. With the help of his brothers, Sam and Eli, along with his uncle Justin, the trees came down this past weekend. 


The space, after getting rid of the tree’s remains, will be prepped for growing grapes soon(ish). Stay tuned for more! 

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