Indoor Décor

Not to drone on about the weather, but seriously - it’s gross outside. The sudden cold and snow of the last week, and now the rain and mud of this week, has unfortunately put a halt to the progress on the outside of the building, so instead we’ve been working on sprucing up the place inside so that our upcoming weddings will be fully furnished. 

If you’ve been in the building, you know that the inside of the event space is composed of reconstructed barn beams, leaving the walls - planked wood painted white - a little bare in some areas. (If you haven't been in the building, schedule a visit!) One of those areas is shown in the photo below. Without the banner and the swag of greens, the wall would look bare and quite frankly, not festive.

Photo by: Meredith Donnelly

Photo by: Meredith Donnelly

We gave some thought to how and what we wanted to add to the space and after taking some inspirational field trips (shopping!) we borrowed an idea we saw in a local shop we love, settling on hanging an old barn latter from the ceiling to give the wall a little somethin’.

Voilà! No more bare wall. This can ladder can be decorated a number of ways as the seasons change and for different weddings and events.

And for those weddings and events, we want to give our guests a great place to get ready, relax, and prepare for their big day. At Black Barn, we offer two dressing rooms, a men’s and a women’s. While they still have a little ways to go, we were able to lay the flooring last week, really making the rooms feel a lot more finished!

Cover photo by: Meredith Donnelly